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High School Education

In my formal education I have received my High School Diploma from Judge Memorial High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. While I was there I did a year of theater which included 1 stage play called "The Good Doctor" where I was two charcters. A secondary character in one scene and a primary character in the final scene of the show. I then performed in our production of Grease the Musical as an Ensemble member. I graduated at Judge with Honors at a 3.5 Cumulative GPA.

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College Education

I went to Westminster College of Utah for my college degree. While there I studied History with an emphasis in European. This was initially with the intent to go to law school but eventually my interest in career changed before desiring to become a voice actor. I graduated from Westminster with a 3.414 Cumulative GPA and a Bachelor of the Arts in History.

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Voice Acting Courses

Committed to Learning More


Online Accents and Dialects w/ Karen Strassman: Hosted by Real Voice LA

August 25, 2020

In this 3 hour long workshop we worked through learning the basics of what makes accents, from Vowel and Consanant sounds often found in the accent to where in the mouth or throat an accent comes from. For most of the accent we worked on how to do an RP British accent. From this workshop I have been able to know what to work on and break down in accents to learn how to do them more authentically and learn them more easily.

Online Voiceover Workshop w/ Barbara Niles: Hosted by Real Voice LA

September 12, 2020

In this 3 hour workshop we worked on Commercial voiceover. Barbara went over what has changed with Commerical Voiceover in recent years and what types of things have been expected now. Barbara worked with each student to make sure we understood how to sound natural and conversational through our commercial reads so we can sound more welcoming. We practiced reading through actual commercial scripts so we could get feedback and hear from each other.

Voice Acting Mastery Classes with Crispin Freeman

September 26, 2020

This workshop was hosted by voice actor Crispin Freeman. Before the workshop itself we were given character scripts suited to our voices after we each sent in samples of our voices reading monologues in our natural voices. We were to go over these scripts and make sure we understood the scene and character so we could perform them for Crispin and everyone else in the workshop. Crispin's biggest focus in this workshop was our ability to properly act through a character, understanding the emotions of the scene and understanding the character's motivations. He had us read for him as if we were actually doing an audition in a booth. Our first readthrough was diagnosing issues and then our second read to to see how we improved and handled direction. Then after this we were given a second character to simulate such an occassion that might happen in an audition and do the same thing we did before. We were given thorough advice.

Weekend Workshop with Richard Horvitz

November 14th - November 15th 2020

As the name suggests this workshop was hosted by the wonderful Richard Horvitz. Rather than give some sort of formal lesson Richard instead hosted what he calls a play date where we learned how to not only have fun with the scripts, or as he called them Stories, but also find the heart of the stories. He taught us how to read through our characters and figure out what their want. Once we figured out what the want was he then told us to jump in and have fun with it. He taught us to take this and then make a lively, believable and fun character. He not only did this with animation characters but also for commercial work as well. The same process was applied and he taught us how to give different takes with different stories behind them that made them believable and diverse.

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