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The Stars of the Show

My microphone is a Shure SM7B Dynamic Mic. While many use condenser mics for their work I did research and found that this microphone best suited my tones and best capture my voice along with very little background noice. This all runs off of a Focusrite Scarlett Solo Gen 3 that is also hooked up to a CL-1 Cloudlifter Pre-Amp that ensures that I can get the maximum amount of gain out of my microphone without the sounds of electronic hiss or background noise. I listen to all audio I create through a pair of Sony MDR7506 headphones that I use after reading recommendations from both Steve Blum and Crispin Freeman.

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My Space

While I don't have my own designated sound studio I turned my bedroom into my studio. I sound treated the walls with 1' thick sound foam. Any spaces that are not easily covered with foam such as windows or doors are covered with fabric sheets to deaden the sound reflecting off of those surfaces. As a result and with the equipment I have. I can ensure very little echo and reverb as possible in all of my audio.

My Equipment: Bio
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