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The World’s a Stage

To talk about myself I must state that I am both Autistic as well as ADHD, but these are both what give me the energy and passion that I put into my vocal work. Now for how I got started. Ever since I was young I absolutely loved visual arts. Anything from Anime, cartoons, to video games. I loved it all. In 2005 my parents divorced and this had a huge impact on my life. Being Autistic this big new change was hard for me. To help me get through a lot of these changes I escaped into cartoons and video games even further. The one thing I credit with my beginning interest in Voice Acting was Ron Perlman's work in Teen Titans. As I grew older I realized I loved the character because of how the voice brought a level of intrigue and coolness to the character. It wasn't until 2015 when I played through a game called Undertale that I realized how fun Voice Acting Truly was. If there is anything I took from that it was how much I loved coming up with voices and assigning them to characters and bringing them to life. Once this happened I knew from that moment on that I loved voice acting and wanted to pursue it.

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