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Fellow VA on Callisto

"There are no small parts, only small actors." Sean is the proof. He steals the show when he's in a scene and he have so much potential who's just waiting to explode in all of the projects he's in! Even if he's saying a big monologue, your attention will stay on him, because of all of the nuances he's giving to his role. Super friendly and hard-working too! His delivery is excellent, he's simply a great voice actor!"


Same Old Satellite

Callisto Project Owner

"Although Sean had a relatively minor role in my project, that didn't deter him from giving me his best. Portraying an officious character, Sean employed all the necessary beats to a T, and he really goes to show that no matter how small the role is, it never means the actor has to be small as well."


AJ Kingston

Respected Insight

"No role is too minor. Though only having a few lines, they come into the Callisto project at a time when all the dramatic tension has been bubbling to a climax and their character must reveal some of the heaviest and damning dialogue of the project. They pull this off beautifully, with an air of officious superiority that only a government official would have. You want someone to hit the nail on the head? Here's your hammer."

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