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My Portfolio

I live to entertain and perform, putting my heart and soul into each project that I work on and always striving to build and diversify my portfolio. My artistic outputs result from a combination of my experiences, training, and a great deal of preparation. Contact me to learn more about my work.


The Great Depression: The Audiobook

My First Role

After doing auditions for a little while on Casting Call this was the first role I was ever cast for. While the audio isn't great on my part I still gave it my all with the equipment that I had, which at the time was a gaming headset microphone. This also was all done in a non-native accent for me so to do something for such a length of time in such an accent and to remain consisten was a task, but one that I was willing to step up for.

Demon Lord, Retry! Audiobook

Ongoing project for Isekai Audio Tales

This is an ongoing project that I have been working on for the last few months. I was approached by the owner because they needed more VO artists for their channel that publishes videos of light novels that they get permission to do. Their target audience is for those who are visually handicapped in any way. I picked to do this because it's a fun story and it's based in video games which I absolutely love. This gives me both the chance to narrate and do voices. As this is ongoing the quality of audio has gone through several changes. It started with a Blue Yeti in a foam box and has made it's way to my current mic.


Radio Horror

While I was a part of this project I was only present in the project for a few minutes towards the end of it. I appeared as Agency Official 1. I may not  have had much in terms of role in the project but I put this up because I am proud to be apart of it. It was a high quality project that had lots of passion put into it from both the writer and the voice actors. It was fun to be apart of and I love to show it off as a part of my portfolio.

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Committed to My Craft

August 22nd, 2019

The Great Depression: The Audiobook - Narrator

This was the first role I ever got published. I auditioned for and was cast as the role of the main narrator and character of the story. Most of the spoken dialogue in this project is me and it was all done in a British Accent. It was a challenge but I stepped up to it.

January 4th, 2020

Rydia Returns DUBBED (FF4) - Golbez

A minor role in a small project whose goal was to dub select scenes from Final Fantasy games that initially had no voice acting I appeared as the villain Golbez in this project.

July 21st, 2020

Callisto - Episode Three - The Great Bear - Agency Official 1

A Minor role that only appeared toward the end of the story but there was a level of gravity to the scene I was in and I made sure to keep that tone and to have a professional sound that you would expect from an agency official.

August 12th, 2020

GTA 5: Tales from the North - Larry Fredricks

A role I was approached for based off of vocal samples I had posted on my Casting Call profile. I took the role and set to work on it. Throughout the role I noticed that I would slip into a pseudo accent but I just kept with it because it added something to the character.

May 9th, 2020 - Current

Demon Lord, Retry! Light Novel AudioBook - Narrator

An ongoing project I do for Isekai Audio Tales, a channel on Youtube. I choose which Light Novel I wish to narrate and work on it. This is done within Copyright so there is no trouble there. The goal of this channel is to bring Light Novels to those who are visually handicapped or disabled so they can appreciate these Light Novels.

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